Hi, I'm Monica, this is my website.
Do you want to know something about me?

When I was little I loved working with fabrics and colors. I liked to make Christmas or Easter centerpieces, I decorated my school diary, I dressed my dolls. I used everything I had in the house, buttons, bits of trimmings, scraps of fabric, brushes and paints, colored papers, prints and newspaper clippings.

Then one day I grew up and met fantastic creatives, each of them gave me a piece of their knowledge that I use for my works.

I have done millions of courses, given many lessons to clients, friends and children, attended trade fairs.

But above all I have many friends and I’m still meeting a lot of fantastic people lately who always support and encourage me, although I am a person who does not have much confidence in himself and in what he does.

Today with this site, with my facebook page and thanks to the wonderful people who stimulate me and fill me with compliments, but above all thanks to my wonderful children, my husband, my mom, my dad and my sister who have always supported me in all my ideas, I have gained confidence in myself and I see everything…. pink, lilac, pastel green and blue!

Each of my creations comes from a moment or from a feeling, each of them has a story, none of them are casual, perhaps that's why you like them.

Someone asks me:

- - Why don't you put your picture on your profile? -

I answer:

- - Every single creation of mine is a small part of me, put them all together and that's ME!

Nice to meet you

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